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Loyalist Township passed By-Law 2015-46, a by-law to regulate the "Discharge or Fireworks." 

The intent of this by-law is to allow for the use of "family fireworks" within the built up areas of Amherstview, Bath, and Odessa on  Victoria Day and Canada Day while still protecting the rights and property of others. Within the Amherstview, Bath, and Odessa areas (please see by-law 2015-46 - 11) the discharging of any type of fireworks at other times is prohibited under this by-law. Fireworks safety and the safe discharge of fireworks is regulated under this by-law 365 days a year for every area of the municipality, regardless of where you live. By discharging any fireworks, you are responsible for any fires or damage that may occur as a result of your actions.

Please remember what goes up must come down.

Fireworks Safety Tips 
By-Law 2015-046